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Previous Exhibitions May 2018


Margaret Evans is one of Scotland's contemporary artists & is a respected tutor & author of numerous teaching art books and dvd’s, as well as teaching workshops worldwide. She has a D.A. (Glasgow School of Art) A.T.C (University of London) & is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and member of the prestigious Glasgow Art Club.

Margaret is a leading figure in pastel work, and undoubtedly showcases the medium to its absolute best. Much of her life has been spent promoting and endorsing pastels as a truly serious and worthy medium for artists.


Jane Birrell is a Scottish artist living and working in a fishing village in Aberdeenshire.She studied at Gray's School of Art and The Northern College, Aberdeen, before commencing an international teaching career which spans 30 + years which include working in many Scottish schools teaching Art and Design as well as The English School in Dubai and Dubai University.

Jane works intuitively, creating layered, textural images which are emotional responses to places she has lived in or passed through. She aims to entice the viewer to experience something of the initial spark within the image, which fascinated her enough to create the piece. The Highland Cow portraits are appealing and humorous with bright, engaging colours, tactile surfaces and richly applied paints using gestural marks and impasto layering.