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"The Sky, The Sky"




"Ever Changing Moods"

28th August - 9th October

Featuring Artists

 Alan Wilson, Jane Roy, Iain Campbell, Blair Thomson, Pete Morrison 


‘The Sky, The Sky’: An exhibition curated by Alan Wilson for The Glasgow Gallery


From 28th August to 9th October 2021 The Glasgow Gallery is delighted to host a group exhibition with 5 unique and talented Glasgow based Artists.


Teaching Art for over 35 years, Alan has curated several group exhibitions with Artists whose work he feels a kinship with; however, this exhibition brings these 5 fantastic artists together for the first time.  


Alan says: “the theme ‘The Sky’ was agreed by all the artists as the binding subject for the exhibition. The sky is full of mood and expression and so it offers the opportunity for multiple artistic interpretations as can be seen in the group, a challenge for our individual artistic engagement. It seems to be a subject with never ending possibilities for artists, and as a group we have embraced it. It was also the aim of this groups artists, to seize upon the possibilities.”