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Annie Broadley

Annie Broadley studied art with Edward Gage and James Henderson in Edinburgh before reading English at the University of Stirling. Since returning to Scotland in 1999, she has attended a series of courses and intensive summer schools, including two years of full time study with Paul Martin at Leith School of Art.

Annie uses a range of different materials depending on the subject matter of the painting. She often employs techniques used by Renaissance painters, for example pigments mixed with oil, turps, beeswax, egg yolk, glue - on occasion even raw alcohol!  Work in ink and collage also features, enhancing the range and depth of an already diverse yet cohesive collection. 

A few years ago Annie spent some time in Antarctica making quick sketches, working fast because of the cold. Back in her Edinburgh studio she developed them into paintings. The ice, penguins, whales and seals continue to inspire her.

A scarf designed by Annie for the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has been modelled by Dame Joanna Lumley. Her work has featured in exhibitions in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.