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Charles Randak

Born in Edinburgh, Charles is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. He has been painting since he was a youngster - he says it’s in his blood. His grandfather was an accomplished artist who won prizes from the Glasgow Master Painters Association during the late 1800s.
Charles’ painting style is direct, through unfused brushstrokes and knife-work he creates generally large oil works, calling them ‘Statement Pieces’.
Naturally drawn to the West Coast, he uses his bases in mid Argyll to island hop and seek out unspoilt locations or grand views.

The aim of ‘less is more’ is the journey that Charles is on as his painting style evolves and he explores the interpretation of Scotland’s land, sea and sky-scapes.
“I aim to capture real places and moments in time - creating a window to another place which the viewer will find uplifting and be able to return to for visual, mental or spiritual refresh. I do believe that we are hardwired in our genes to receive a calming energy from sky, sea and beaches. My wife and I regularly visit our favourite beach (and sometimes swim off it) as we are instinctively drawn to it for a regular recharge.”