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Connie Liebschner

Connie Liebschner is interested in how two-dimensional images can capture immersive spaces by using multiple layers, viewpoints and opacities. Connie studied a BA in Fine Art at Loughborough University where she became interested in how digital mediums can be translated and compared to handmade productions. Following this, she worked as a print tutor for Leicester Print Workshop and enjoyed pushing a multiplicity of techniques. She later moved to Scotland to study a Masters in Print at Glasgow School of Art where she combined her printing knowledge with more traditional painterly techniques. 

Often drawn to the edge of land through her love of outdoor swimming, Connie incorporates the water’s motif into her work and uses its fluidity and reflections to refract from the rigid segments of land. Through the application of multiple, translucent layers of chalky gesso, glossy inks and acrylics, she captures the light as it shifts. She then re-works the surface, rubbing and scraping, almost mimicking the textures of the landscape.

"The Light is constantly shifting and therefore, altering the scene. The constraint of the camera's lens or artist's panel creates boundaries that do not exist if stood within real-time and space. My current practice explores how to recreate the Scottish landscape within the limitations of this knowledge. By layering the image, I create depth that enables the viewer to be absorbed through focussed segments of interest, along with more peripheral, hazy areas.”

Connie lives and works in Glasgow and is the founding member of the G20 Artist Collective.