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Senja Brendon

Senja Brendon was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, before moving to Edinburgh to study at Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art.  A contemporary landscape artist specialising in seascapes using mainly oils, Senja is passionate about the ocean and its myriad colours and changing moods.  Travelling extensively around Scotland and spending time in or by the ocean allows her to be near the elements and her subject matter. 

Senja’s paintings are created either on location using fast, responsive marks to record the moment or from her studio where she delves into memories and lets the paint lead the way, creating huge waves or sparkling shorelines.

Her work demonstrates the contrasts between landscapes. The rich colour and textured brushstrokes reflect the dramatic light and atmosphere of the wild coasts of Scotland.  Huge skies and crashing waves create the drama in her paintings and share the spirit of the ocean.

Her art shares her adventures and dreams of the ocean.