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Monika Krajewska - Maison Fragile

Monika Krajewska is a ceramic artist born in Poland in 1990.  Originally studying Italian philology at University, Moni was trying to figure out how to transfer her passion for Arts into a craft. While preparing her portfolio for submission into the Academy of Fine Arts for Faculty of Painting in Warsaw, she moved to Paris which stole her heart, and naturally ended the project of becoming a painter.  

After a few years of living abroad in both United Arab Emirates and France, Moni permanently moved to Warsaw, Poland and began attending ceramic classes which was exactly what she was looking for. 

In 2016 Moni set up Maison Fragile, sentimentally chosen to symbolise her love for France and the unique material that is clay. Since then, she has been creating ceramic pieces from her studio in Kaputy near Warsaw, which are all about love for nature, minimalism and organic shapes.  She mainly creates Jewellery dishes in palm hands, Oysters and Seashell shapes, each made so no two items are the same. Continuing to push herself and her designs, she is working on larger forms which can be used as trays or bowls and be a fresh, eye-catching addition to modern interior design.  

Monika loves clay as a material for creation as the possibilities of making original, nature shapes (particularly ocean inspired) are endless.  Each piece is hand crafted and unique, having its own story and energy. 
Proud of traces of human hands left on their surface.