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Featured Exhibition

 26th August - 23rd September

This stunning collection of works introduces new styles from 4 popular talented Artists.

Emma S. Davis, Ellis O'Connor, Julie Smith and Katy Sawrey share a passion for the complexity and beauty within the Scottish Landscape. Brought together in this exhibition is their four different contemporary, expressive and textural styles.  While created so differently, the work of each of these Artists sits beautifully alongside each other, complimenting the unique materials and use of techniques.   

Award winning artists Emma S. Davis and Ellis O’Connor have achieved great success and recognition in their careers to date. The dynamic and distinctive styles of their work demonstrates their strong emotional connection with their subject matter. Both take inspiration from the Scottish landscape and build textures within their work creating thought provoking interpretations of locations and scenes.

Katy Sawrey and Julie Smith are best known for their abstract interpretations of the Scottish landscape, focusing on the light and the colours and shapes it creates in the land. Katy uses geometric shapes and layers to give depth and texture to each piece while Julie prepares the surface of each piece carefully using Orkney wool as well as sand or sea washed coal-shards along with Metal leaf.  

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