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Iona Lundie

Iona Lundie is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art. Iona is a designer maker whose work explores the rich cultural heritage of fire festivals in Scotland; events which have occurred annually across the country for hundreds of years. Iona attends these festivals and collects burnt wood in order to research material, shape and texture directly from the source.

There is a strong emphasis on repetition in her work, both in the lines, shapes and textures of the remaining burnt firewood. The circle is important as it leads from one moment to another as well as providing a nod to the recurring calendar of events and casting allows for Iona to accurately represent textures and build up larger pieces from repeated elements.

With oxidised surfaces contrasting to brighter gold, silver and bronze sections Iona creates statement objects that are eye-catching on a larger scale to be seen and celebrated much like the fires. The work often functions both as sculpture as well as adornment for the body with each piece striving to celebrate the transformation from one state to another such as wood to ash and dark to light.