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Philip Raskin

Philip is known for his sea and skyscapes inspired by Scotland’s west coast, its rugged shorelines, turbulent tides and ever-changing skies. Inspired particularly by the Hebridean archipelago, he seeks locations that are isolated and natural. “I tend to paint very private places for the viewer to own and enjoy; no people, no houses, no telegraph poles – no signs of man’s imposition on the landscape, just the driftwood of an ebb tide and silence – broken only by lapping water and gulls ascending”. He creates immersive pieces which both delicately and dramatically capture the textures, moods  and indeed the very essence of his surroundings.

Previously known to many in Glasgow as the proprietor of The Inn on the Green, a celebrated Jazz restaurant, through which he ran art exhibitions, Philip returned to his love of painting 35 years after studying at Glasgow School of Art. Now painting full time from his studio in Lanarkshire, he is a renowned Scottish artist with an ever-growing following.