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Todd Garner - Telling Stories

 We are delighted to introduce Todd Garner’s first solo exhibition with The Glasgow Gallery.

Telling Stories is an incredible exhibition showcasing over 30 acrylic paintings inspired by Todd’s fascination with the golden age of cinema and the continually changing narrative of human interactions. Each painting works as a still frame embodying Todd’s retro-romantic style. In this work he embraces and continues the atmospheric quality of Ciné Noir found in his art-inspiration, Edward Hopper’s work. Although Todd’s work is largely figurative, there is great attention to detail and a representation of Art Deco architecture. 

Out of the many places Todd has travelled, he has sought out Art Deco buildings. You may recognise some of the scenes depicted as they are located not far from The Glasgow Gallery. His work is a wonderful blend of tales that incorporate the sitters' stories with the venue’s history. There is a slight auto-biographical element as he and his wife can be seen painted into scenes that they have both visited, including the RMS Queen Mary where they married. 

Telling Stories, a Solo Exhibition by Todd Garner runs from 16th March to 6th April