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Iona Hall

Iona Hall, jeweller and silversmith, graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2018 and Bishopsland Postgradute in Reading in 2019. Iona was born in 1995 in Somerset, and her family moved to Scotland a decade later. 

Iona is drawn to movement, lines and irregular patterns in natural forms from the beaches near her hometown in the Highlands. Sporadic placements of barnacles, the movement and clusters of seaweed clinging to the rocks, markings in the rocks; organic shapes next to angular lines. Iona finds it a very meditative process searching for objects on the beach and studying them, isolating an element and adding it to the objects she makes. 

Iona specialises in box making which she has won multiple awards for including three Bronze awards from the Goldsmiths Centre, and VACMA Award in 2020. She has exhibited in renowned exhibitions, for example  Elements in Edinburgh and Hammerclub in Holland. The jewellery is abstracted elements from the objects, made into a wearable piece.